"the Euro Humanist movement"
white lives matter
founded by

Mr. Michael Rizzo Chessman
Leader - eurocoalition.org
and britishcanada.org

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end bigotry

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policy statement of
The Humanist Institute
The Humanist Institute (founded
by Mr. Michael Chessman) is calling for an end to so called “multiculturalism” and “affirmative action” oriented policies and initiatives across the board. It is our contention that such ideas are hateful to those that are its victims in that honest merit is negated in favor of some other notion of decency instead. There can be no doubt that the motives involved in such policies are suspect of being at odds with genuine merit on the basis of sheer incompetence alone – which seeks to level by the playing field as it were by cheating on what would instead be true ideas of fairness in merited entitlement. Whether its in respect of culture that is most widely selected for presentation in homes through choices made by broadcasters acting from inappropriate standards, or employers determining what is an alternatively preferred way to present service alternatives based similarly on the basis of rejecting merit, or in such ideas as to what decisions are made overall, in respect of the allocation of space and related resources within our borders – all this is what we see at grave danger of becoming a disaster for those of merit – if we do not begin immediately to make better decisions aimed at a complete reversal of this mindset and its effects on human beings that wish real fairness for the society we choose to live in instead.

Write to your MP and other decision makers in your communities today with your vote of support for rejecting and reversing the trend towards “equalized inanity”.

Humanist Institute
Mailing address:
Mr. Michael Chessman (Founder)
Euro Humanist Organization

25 The Esplanade
Box 5864

Toronto Ontario
Canada M5W-1P3
email address: info@eurohumanist.org                

tempora mutantur et homines deteriorantur - 
times change and men deteriorate (gesta Romanarum)

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-founded by:
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Humanism defined
Humanism is the belief in the capacity of
the best people to find universal moral guidance and spiritual fulfillment by simply "looking within"
(Abraham with Isaac)

supra vires - beyond one's legitimate powers
Not all people get the same sort of ideas on wisdom when considering what they think they are considering moral matters as they become guilty of "anthropomorphism" since
their ideas are more clearly a reflection of human failings
 rather than any true genuine  goodness, sanely valid.

clearly - persona non - grata
(europe's sharia patrol - new found tradition??)

Clearly lunacy on the streets of London - seeming
tolerated with complicity/duplicity by current so-
called "British" regimes  - how else??
html5 video by ThunderSoft

India's controversial gravitas channel (normally too spiritedly hostile seeming to Pakistan - even we have raised the issue with the broadcaster in concern for fair minded reporting) nonetheless raise a reasonable concern over lack of control over mobs seeking vigilante/anarchist seeming notions of justice which lack Christian values of concern on matters raised here

India's worship of cows has led to vigilante and state sponsored terror against those accused of not doing so equally - such as by being just even accused of maybe eating beef products etc

Prime Minister Rt Hon Imran Khan before the UN assembly gives insights on India's modi and the religious bigotry agenda seeming

Shown below: Arab female journalist
physically assaulted by Israeli patrol!!

shown above is the spirit seeking to survive
in Lebanon and elsewhere of more liberal values

Seeking justice in this affair

Murdered Iranian woman by morality police "so-called"

 "the Euro Humanist movement"

Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly While bad people will find a way around the laws - Plato

Nullum imperium tutum nisi benevolentia
munitum - No government is safe unless "buttressed" by goodwill - Cornelius Nepus

Is this whats meant by progress
on "sexual equality"? christ! You'd
have to be a loonie to think so!
Toronto's Mayor Tory on how
"we should all be here like"

no to misogyny!!

Author and Broadcaster Mr. Stephen Fry receives a typical rebuff to his sanely and most brilliantly put human concerns around church policy by British
Minister of the Crown Ms. Whitaker MP

Nullum sine auctoramento malum est - he who with forethought and with malice engages in evil always seems to believe he will ultimately still benefit from doing so... tut tut!

Michael Rizzo Chessman on the threat to
human existence finally at an end

The evil of so-called imposed PC culture

President Putin - How could we have come so far this way on these issues?"

EU's Borrel delivers "kick in the teeth"
response to a populace already on the ground - shame!!!

Israel's Banz on Lebanon's
dire state of economic despair

Sir Richard Barrett - Member of the irish
Parliament - brings grave concerns on
 Israels particular approach on specific
 human rights concerns to the floor

The lovely people of Lebanon at
a concert

Hitler's men from the
 German Military defend their
atrocious deeds against
innocent dear Dutch

Latin quote: O gens infelix, cui te exitio
fortuna reservat?
O unhappy peoples, what sort of
destructive plan have they have in mind
for y'all?

The insane tactics at the eu on
questionable agenda items

more unchristianly manner seeming
ganging up on Russia's claims to merit
on the issues raised including
the idea of "invading" with just "cause"
(see Russia defence clip by top Pentagon
official (who should be president instead)
at our related eurocoalition.org site

Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe
on sexual deviance matters

Israel's PM Benjamin Netanyahu
gives his own take on the conflict of values
involving "gay rights" within the broader community

Footnote: The Premier of this province
here in Canada (Ontario) feels so much
of the need to kowtow to the PC
culture he feeds from, that he appears
fine to endanger his own family kin
of irish origin by delaying their vaccines
until the native indians (original
squatters - arguably - around these
 parts when the europeans arrived to found this nation) have had access
in priority sequence as it stands
at this very moment!
its Insane to let them go on like this!

objected to ad - reported to police

eu site leader Michael Rizzo Chessman Mar 22 2022

always give on merit exclusively!

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